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At Agni Core Corporation, we know that there is no Plan B for the planet. We acknowledge the impact of climate change, as well as the value of planetary health and energy-efficient infrastructure. We are committed to sustainability, and are actively involved in ongoing research and collaborative projects, both on the local and international level.

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Congratulations to Saint John's University student and my collaboration partner Nicholas J. Mertens on the publication of our research article “Climate Change and the Gulf”. Our insights are based off the COP28 in Dubai, UAE. The United Nations Conference of the Parties, colloquially known as COP, is the foremost climate change negotiation and expo. 


United Nations Climate Change Conference

Nov 30, 2023 – Dec 12, 2023

Exploring and studying the sustainability initiatives, startups and discussions with Climate Scientist and Professor, Troy Knight, and the students from College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

The entire layout of the venue was well-organized, with great accessibility and crowd management systems in place. Considering this is an oil-rich region, it is heartening to see that planetary health was not only being taken seriously, but also actively being implemented in both existing and developing infrastructure.