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With 15+ years in the United States, United Kingdom, India and the Arab world, Nritya Sultana is a prolific writer, educator and public speaker.

A champion of empowerment, Nritya is committed toward building healthier, resilient and compassionate communities.

A lifelong spiritual seeker and believer in inclusive secularism, Nritya has extensively studied Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. She has led interfaith dialogues, congregations, as well as 1-on-1 spiritual guidance.

Organizations Nritya has worked with include:
-United Nations
-Good Shepherd Services
-Refugee Youth Project
-Saint Cloud Correctional Facility

Areas of expertise:
Courageous Leadership, Resilience, Empathy, Social Justice and Women's Rights.

English | Hindi | Tamil | Sanskrit
MSA certified in Arabic

Recent Awards & Contributions:

-Interviewed by HER Network Europe in recognition of contributions for women's health

-Donated hair through Locks of Hope 2023 initiative by Friends of Cancer Patients

-Created and Published empowerment videos and articles in a 6-part series titled "Resilience" in collaboration with CSB Alumnae Relations

-Awarded Digital Pledge Certificate in 2021 by the Digital Wellbeing Council of the UAE

-Awarded by the Central Vigilance Commission of India (CVC) for adopting the Integrity Pledge and joining the fight against corruption

-Nominated for the Decade Award 2018 for outstanding achievements, global consciousness, leadership and great role model


My Early Years 

1986 - 2004

Though born in India, I spent 8 years of my childhood in Oman.

"I am Indian by blood, but Omani by heart."

When my family moved to Dubai, I struggled to fit in. Add to that, my father's escalating narcissism.

Overnight, I grew up and become the protector.

America & Finding Myself


Hands down, coming to America changed my life.
Thank you Mom for supporting my right to a college education!

I resonated with America's fierce and unapologetic individualism. There were no wrong questions. 

Here in America,
I was one of the most popular students on campus,
heading teams at the biggest organizations,
and had a bright future at the United Nations.

Decade of Pain


Lost my only sister to alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer.

Had an arranged marriage with an Indian doctor who turned out to be a violent psychopath. 

Managed to escape the marriage with the help of American neighbors;
only to be abandoned by my narcissistic father and relatives.

Fought and won my divorce case with only my mother as support.

Rising from the Ashes


Now in Dubai, I found solace in Islam. In August 2020, I became Muslim.

Focused on re-building my health, my CV, as well as my social and professional networks.

Capitalized on social media. Harnessed my power as a public speaker to reach a wider and global audience. 

Decided to invest and expand on my Arabic, and started creating content for my Arabic-speaking followers.

Teaming with Kirtan


Since our time together at grad school, Kirtan remained a loyal ally.

We both had a penchant for business and a passion for motivating others. 

We formally started outlining a framework during Ramadan 2023.

Things were slow and complicated, until I made the fantastic discovery of Russell Brunson and Click Funnels.

And things just shot up after that!

I believe...

  • To be different is to be extraordinary. When you have the courage and conviction to embrace your uniqueness, you will realize your true calling in life.
  • It is not important that one knows everything. What matters most is being open to asking questions and persevering for the answers. 
  • ​Spirituality forms the core of resilience. A life empty of spirituality is mere existence; one that is devoid of purpose, meaning and the will to struggle.  
  • Compassion is the highest form of life. Regardless of one's beliefs, everyone needs a little more kindness and a little less judgment. Spread love, not hate.
  • ​The world is beautiful because of diversity. Life in all its different hues forms the essence of human exploration, intellectual curiosity and creative pursuit.

Being Popular DOES NOT EQUAL Being Successful

I was a complete loner in high school, who drifted between lonely classrooms and my father's narcissistic rages at home.

I was overweight, almost 190 pounds at only 5'4'' tall.

My sister was being bullied and I would get into fights with her tormentors.

The high school supervisor used to pick on me constantly, to the point that she said, "Leadership wasn't in my blood." Despite my good academic track record, she vetoed me out of being a Student Prefect.

I didn't even have someone to go with me for my graduation farewell dinner. Out of desperation, I teamed up with another loner and pretended to be friends.

And yet, here I am today. A powerful voice that has established her own identity and uses that to empower others.

So if I can do it, so can you!