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 Directed by Muna Al Radimi, this special series for the holy month of Ramadan captures the journeys of New Muslims and the impact they are having on the world. On 24th March, the episode starring Nritya Sultana was aired on Sharjah TV, a subsidiary of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA).


 Quarterly discussions with top board members from around the Gulf organized by The Phillips Group. Agni Core Corporation is a key participant in these Board Leadership Forums (BLFs). 


The March 19 Virtual Lenten Meet discussed the 4 Tenets of social justice, simplicity, spirituality, and community. In attendance were authors of the Lenten reflections, Good Shepherd Sisters, Board members, current volunteers and alumni, spanning three decades and multiple continents.

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HER are the leading consultancy in Women’s Health, with over 75 launches and more than 50 years experience across multiple areas covering pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, AI and med tech. HER recognizes the significance of sharing experiences and recognizing individuals who have sparked discussions in the field of women’s health.

The Resilience Series 

in collaboration with the College of Saint Benedict Alumnae Relations

Want to read the extended transcript and articles of the Resilience series?

What is Resilience

What makes someone more resilient than others? What is their secret and how can you become more resilient?

Episode 1
Embrace Your Identity

Believe in your identity. Love your identity. Be fiercely proud of your identity. 

Episode 2
Upgrade your Social Circle

The majority of people are mentally slaves. Remember. Level up and associate with lions. 

Episode 3
Power your

Unlike IQ which is fixed throughout your life, EQ or emotional intelligence can be worked on and enhanced.

Episode 4
Push your Boundaries

Challenging yourself, putting yourself out there, and taking ownership of your life builds character .

Episode 5
Knowledge is Power

Knowledge arms you with the skill set and critical thinking needed to face any situation.

Episode 6
Nature is the Ultimate Healer

Once you stop searching madly for solace in the world and find your peace within you, it is a powerful realization.

National Topics in Arabic 

covering different events in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman; captions in both English and Arabic

UAE National Day

With great power comes great responsibility; may the children of Zayed continue to be that light.

Oman National Day

Love forged in infancy is never lost at all. I am Indian by blood, but Omani  by heart.

Omani Women's Day

Femininity is equality. Not in the likeness or imitation of men. But in  our own identity. 

Saudi Arabia National Day

Embrace your uniqueness and march forward. Do not stop. Because this is your moment.

Emirati Women's Day

The success story of the UAE is incomplete without you. We are who we are because of you.